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Welcome to IDIN Consulting Group

IDIN Consulting Group is the intelligence engine that drives better decisions about your life, business or career. We transform your life and career to the next level so you make better choices in your personal and professional life.

What We Do

We have comprehensive life, career & business consulting as well as job counseling and talent management programs where you will be trained for high-demand skills and groomed for well-paid and demanding jobs in these industries: 

We have coached people all around the world to optimize their professional expertise, communication proficiency and performance through leadership programs, webinars, coaching programs, strategic business marketing, team building, presentations and workshops as well as personality, career and leadership assessments.

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Life & Career Transformation Coaching

(Introductory Package)

Life & career transformation coaching provides you with the structure and tools you need to reach your personal and professional goals through a process of accountability.

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Career Coaching and Consulting

(Advanced Package)

Together we work on strategies to train you for job skills and certifications as well as communication, leadership and people skills required by your dream job.

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Life & Career Transformation Coaching 
Career Coaching and Consulting
Job Counselling 

(Premium Package) 

We work together on strategies to train you for job skills and certifications as well as communication, leadership and people skills required by your dream job. Furthermore we will provide job counseling and talent management for you.

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Job Counselling

We align your special talents and skills with career options and companies that engage and attract great talents like you. Talents are the key to companies’ success.

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Business Coaching and Consulting

Your success depends on doing the right thing for you personally and professionally where creativity and connections can happen. Business coaching is about professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength.

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Informational Webinars and Workshops

At IDIN Consulting Group our passion and purpose is to help you to find high-paid jobs that you are passionate about. You probably are thinking how do you do it? Come to our workshop to learn how do we do it!

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Phone: (415) 802-6932
Email: Info@IDIN.Consulting
Web: www.IDIN.Consulting
Skype: IDIN.Consulting

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