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Your success depends on doing the right thing for you personally and professionally where creativity and connections can happen. Business coaching is about professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength. It’s about creating motivation and success in your business, and as an extension of your life.

Business consulting is for those who are passionate about starting their own business. It helps you stay focused and motivated, and create results. Your success depends largely on creating a vision, designing a plan, and following through with your plan. This step-by-step program is designed to walk you through your entire business and marketing model, making sure you have all you need to jump start your business.

Together we will use the exclusive roadmap, a visual business and marketing planning tool that gives you flexibility to visibly “try out” business and marketing models before you commit to them. The net result is that you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward and we partners with you to support you in actualizing that plan in your business.

Coaching Format: Interactive Skype

Duration: 12 Sessions – Each session is 60 minutes plus unlimited emails


  1. Define your vision and mission for your business
  2. Identify long-term goals and short-term action plans
  3. Explore right business model, strategy and direction for your business
  4. Identify your expertise and skills
  5. Brainstorm new products and services
  6. Design your brand
  7. Set Service or product offerings and pricing
  8. Determine your revenue and expense model
  9. Delegation and hiring staff and sub-contractors
  10. Find more efficient ways to run your business
  11. Grow your business with a strategic marketing plan


Business Counseling and Consulting


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