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Whatever you can dream you can do!

Congratulations for making the decision to invest in yourself and transform your personal and career life. I look forward to our coaching journey! Life & career transformation coaching provides you with the structure and tools you need to reach your personal and professional goals through a process of accountability. It increases your self-awareness of choices available to you and new opportunities for fulfillment of your dream life! Your personal transformation starts from within because inner transformation results in true and lasting growth. We support and inspire you to see your highest vision as an unshakable foundation for genuine and sustainable personal transformation and development.

Coaching Format: Interactive Skype

Duration: 8 Sessions – Each session is 30 minutes plus 8 laser sessions + unlimited emails


  1. Verbalize your inspiration and life purpose
  2. Where are you now with your personal and professional life
  3. Step out of doubts, fears, self-sabotage, limiting-beliefs and lack of motivation
  4. Step in self-trust, confidence, accountability, clarity, focus, motivation, purpose, structure and time management
  5. Turn challenges into opportunities and make choices that are in line with your goals
  6. Transform your perspective, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values and behaviors
  7. Meditate to discover your true passion, talents and true potentials
  8. Decide what you want and visualize your dream life
  9. Create an inspiring vision and identify your personal and professional goals
  10. Plan for your dream personal and professional life


Life & Career Transformation Coaching

(Introductory Package)


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